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      • The Establishment and Unveiling Ceremony of the Project Office of German Universities in China Successfully Held in CUPL

      • President Ma Huaide Meets With Vice President of University of Montreal

      • Gao Huanyue, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of CUPL, and Her Delegation Visit Norway

      • The Opening Ceremony of the Summer Internship Camp 2019 for Students of Law from Hong Kong Held at CUPL


      About Us

      The Office of International Cooperation and Exchange & the Office of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs of China University of Political Science and Law are the executive and specialist departments responsible for carrying out the universi...   MORE >>

      International Conference

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      Director: Prof. XU Lan (Ms.)

      Deputy Director: Mr.WANG Fuping    Mr.LYU Yong

      Director, Office of Confucius Institute of CUPL:

      Ms. LI Dandan